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The next evolution of social life isn't in a digital distant universe. Our company's vision over the next decade will be to reimagine and improve our social connection through technology in this reality - real life. 

✅ Stage One

Launching OpenMind


In Q2 of 2022 we launched OpenMind on the iOS & Android App Store


"A Social Experience That Unites Minds"

Built For You

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"Anyone Can Reach The Top, What's Stopping You?"

Top Minds

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"Your Social Life ReImagined"

Open For All

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"Start The Moment"

Explore Hashtags

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"Invite Up To 25 Of Your Family Members"

For Your Family

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"Inspire Creative Minds With Your Creations"

Share Creativity

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"Invite Up To 25 Of Your Closest Friends"

For Your Crew

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"Headliners | Classics | Mind Clips | FreeMinds"

Pick Interactions

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"Share Your Thoughts With The World"

Your Thoughts

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Install & Sign Up Today

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Stage Two

Open Next-Gen

Beginning July 2022, focused on scaling a defensible product

Stage Three

Creator/Business Focused

Beginning Q1 2023, focused on building the best social network geared towards

businesses + creators

Stage Four

OURS Focused

Focused on preparing for and building Real-World Social Technologies

Stage Five

Real-World Tech Focused

Launching Real-World Immersive Social Technologies